Automation of Task Status Updates in Asana

Could someone please guide me through the steps to automate the process of updating the status in Asana when a task is moved from one section to another?
if the task moved to section A the status should be in progress
if the task moved to section B the status should be in review
so and so forth

You can look at the Workflow view in a project, or directly go and create rules in the Rules section. I believe you might need Business to do it though. Which plan are you on?

Hey @AlbertPinto, you can set this up in the Rules section like Bastien described by choosing Customize → Add rule → Create Custom Rule, then building out the automation. In this case, you’d choose “Task is moved to a section” for the trigger (then selecting the section), and then your status field as the action. In my example below, I have a custom field called “Task Progress” where I can choose the specific status I want the change in section to trigger. I hope this helps!

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