How to mute notifications resulting from portfolio messages

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I have a portfolio with many members complaining about receiving too many notifications of messages sent via the portfolio. The issue is that we use Asana for the evaluation of project ideas. I encouraged the team to use the Asana message function of the idea portfolio to exchange about “pre-ideas” so that we have the history in the same place and accessible to everyone if the “pre-idea” turns into a real idea that requires a project to manage the evaluation. At the same time, the “pre-ideas” are usually discussed between two or three members only, and the others get overwhelmed by all the notifications that are irrelevant to them at this stage.
How can I manage the notification without removing the members from the portfolio? What would be the disadvantages if there is no other way than removal?

Hi @Thomas_Roos , indeed currently there is no granular notification settings for Portfolio members to control notifications in Portfolios (as you can with Projects) but hopefully this is something that could be added in the future.

Until then, you could split up your Portfolio into two. Have the ‘Pre-ideas’ portfolio to include those relevant projects and the few members that are involved. Then once you decide an idea project should be persued, you can then also add it to the main portfolios for all your ideas (like multi-homing a task).

Alternatively, you could create a ‘Pre ideas’ project (not Portfolio) where each task could be an idea for a project that could be better discussed within each task by the relevant project members or, in this case, the task’s collaborators. Then once you decide to persue this idea, you could convert that task into a project (based on a template perhaps) and add it into your main Ideas portfolio.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Then I will use the workaround as you proposed :slight_smile:

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