How to list all tasks within a portfolio?

How to create a list of all tasks within a/specific portfolios??

The “Reports” seem to emphasize on tasks i.e. you cannot specify portfolios, nor use a custom field added to projects in a portfolio…

Hi @Lasse_Olsen and thanks for reaching out!

The Advanced Search does not yet contain a “Portfolio” filter, but if you haven’t yet, I would recommend adding your vote to this other thread: Search/Find Public portfolios - #3 by Melanie_RM I’ll make sure to share some updates as soon as I have any news on this topic!

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Hi Marie, redirecting me to a product suggestion that I have written myself back in June does not seem like a solution :smiley:

Additionally the usecase for this question and the other you are directing me to are a different one.
In “Search/Find Public portfolios” I am asking for the ability to find “public portfolios”. The question in this thread is about being able to list all tasks within a given portfolio.

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