How to hide subtasks from Portfolio Workload

Hi, I would like to see only projects (the long bars) and not tasks in the portfolio.
It changed on its own a few weeks ago and I cannot find how to hide all those tasks.

Hello @Aleksandra_B

Can you please share how you got to this view so I can check on ym end?


Hi @Aleksandra_B , it appears your are in the Portfolio’s Workload tab rather than the Portfolio’s Timeline tab which sounds like that is what you are looking for.

@Rashad_Issa I’m going to Portfolio → Workload tab → click on the arrow next to someone’s name.

@Richard_Sather I do not see anything in the Timeline tab and cannot I add anything to this tab.

@Aleksandra_B , in order to see the duration of projects as horizontal bars in the Portfolio’s Timeline tab, you will need to populate the Due date field in the Portfolio’s List tab, for each of your projects. You can only set the Due date if you are the Project’s Admin; not Editor or Commenter.

@Richard_Sather I am not Project Lead for any of those project, so I will not be Project Admin of those Asana tables or Asana cards.
I am interested in both timeline and workload for people from my team for each of their projects, so I don’t think Timeline tab will work for me

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Hi @Aleksandra_B , in your original post you mentioned:

My advice since is describing how to achieve that but it seems you are looking for something else.

By “Asana tables and Asana cards”, I assume you mean Asana Projects in List or Board view, right?

That now sounds like the Workload tab in Portfolio is what you need. The Projects are listed on the left when you expand on a member.

Does that solve what you are looking for?

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Hi @Richard_Sather I think mixed some stuff through mental shortcut, so I will clarify :slight_smile:

  1. We have a portfolio consisting of two Asana Projects.

  2. Each Asana Project has tasks assigned to a specific person (with workload).

  3. Each of those tasks has subtasks.

  4. In my portfolio I want to see only tasks from those two projects (the long bars in the image) and not subtasks (lots of small points). I am interested in the workload, the duration and the owner of the task.

Please let me know if I clarified everything :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clarifying @Aleksandra_B .

To be honest, because your screenshot is heavily cropped, I can’t really tell what are tasks or subtasks. So the ‘long bars’ could be tasks or subtasks for all I know :sweat_smile:

So it sounds like you want to filter out (not display) the subtasks (but actually show tasks), which you can do using the Filter button in the Portfolio’s Workload tab. Click on the +Add filter button, select Subtasks and then ‘Don’t show subtasks’:


I hope that is what you are looking for! :smiley:
I have also rephrased your original title so its clearer to others that are searching and reading this thread.

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@Richard_Sather you are right and it works. Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for the confusion :wink:


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