How to improve iOS?

iOS is so limited to what you can do… in many cases it doesn’t make any sense.
Lets bring together ideas in this topic how iOS could be improved!
Here are my

  1. tasks can be created only on top of a list, you have to move them manually one by one after.
  2. no calendar view?
  3. when creating task or subtask it moves down, and new one is created on top of it (it means you work your way from bottom to top).
    In web version it works the other way around - new tasks are created at the bottom of a list (it means you work your way from top to bottom).

  1. no option to attach tiles? really? there should even be an option to take a photo/video,upload image or copy anything from a web.
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Anyone has same issue?
I get iOS notifications about tomorrow’s due dates late at night. Like 00:30 at night. I’m from Europe, could this be a reason?

My Team just joined Asana. Mostly everyone is having a hard time understanding the inbox tab, perhaps switch the name to “notifications” to fix the confusion?

Inbox to me sounds like “Recent conversations” which there is already a Conversations tab. Just a suggestion…

Inbox tab is pretty scattered around. What about making the “team name” font a little bolder to see? Or separating the content based on recent activity in separate team columns?

I know this is old but we’ve ditched the iOS app. The core of what makes Asana great (creating tasks and subtasks quickly) doesn’t exist in the iOS app. Shame.