How to have a Kanban Board and List that is based on different fields?

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I have a specific use-case where I want to keep a high-level view with data for management using the list view.
But a weekly hands-on-deck view with the team where I like the kanban view → the board view.

My board view would be typical Kanban style: Not-started, In Progess, Done.
My List view would be grouped differently and just showing the the items and dates.

Is it not possible to use different fields for different views with automation?



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The Kansan view will be based on sections. In the list view, you can decide to sort by due date, (and not sort within sections so they disappear).

Does this help?

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You may want to check out my earlier Forum Leader Tip on approaches for different views in Board and List view here, especially the screenshots:

You can use different sorts, as Bastien mentioned in his post too. And you can specify in the Customize > Custom Fields which fields are toggled on to appear as columns in the List View only.

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