How to Handle Delegation + Work Oversight?

We are looking at overhauling our use of Asana to maximise our use of Portfolios, Goals etc.

I’m looking for use cases from other businesses/Asana users on how you handle tracking task delegation and workloads across teams?

Currently, we have a Project board for “Assigned Tasks” for each team member (we don’t currently use the My Tasks area). Each person has a Delegated column/section where we store tasks we delegate to other team members (therefore, tasks sit on multiple boards).

From a Manager’s point of view, I want to be able to see the Tasks for each of my team members so I can track workloads and see roadblocks.

If we move to using the My Tasks section of Asana (and do-away with the Assigned Tasks Project boards), how can we track the progress of Delegated tasks and see the tasks each team member has assigned to them?

Thanks in advance everyone!

Hi @Bec094, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I’m adding some tips below but I’m also keeping the thread open so other community members can share their experience with you: