How to fix "Comment Only" status on task created by former team member

When we downgraded from a Business Plan to the next paid tier down (as we no longer needed all the Business level features for our two person team), for some reason my account was deleted altogether. Asana helped us restore my account (same email/contact, etc.) and we’ve been up and running since. But I’m noticing that a number of tasks (not all) that I created before the downgrade now only have me as a “comment only” user. Both my account and my partner’s account are set for “super admin” so we shouldn’t be limited to ever being “comment only” on any tasks in our projects.

I have noticed that in the tasks in question, my username as “created by” on the task is listed as a “deleted account”. Which is odd, because it should have all been reinstated and I’m still using the same account sign in’s and credentials as I was before the downgrade.

I know my issue is seemingly unique, but I’m thinking that this could happen with any team member that creates tasks and then leaves a project. Is there a way for a super admin to change the task owner so that the continuing team members never get saddled with comment only status on a task? It would be a huge waste of time to completely rebuild all of the tasks that have that issue. Especially since the “departing” team member was ME - someone who never actually left the team.


The comment-only permission comes from a project, it has nothing to do with you being an admin or super-admin. Only support can help you regain access.

Not sure what happened to you but a downgrade between plans never deletes accounts…

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