How to create a custom form with a changeable dropdown menu


I’m looking to create a custom made form with technical specs with a dropdown that will allow me to change between different project needs.
For example - camera specs for filming - I wanted to create a dropdown with different camera type. Team member chooses a camera type from a dropdown which in return generates a custom spec sheet page with the requirements specific to that camera type.
Is it possible to achieve within Asana?

Thank you

I am not sure I understand the question, some considerations may be:

  • where do you want it to be generated
  • is it dynamic or you have a set of such spec sheets and you just want to deliver the right one

Some of this can be achieved via forms + automation.

  1. If the person who is sending the form has access to Asana and also you have a business account:
  • you can set up the form
  • the different specs can be drop down
  • use Rules to do maybe the following:

add the tasks to another project to be visible for the team, if you do not want to give them access to the project with the form
reply with a comment automatically based on the value of the custom field. The comment can include the requirements or can include a link to an external place where the requirements are, for example Google Drive

  1. If the people who are sending the requests are not part of Asana and / or you do not have a business account
  • you can use Zapier
  • there you can create a lookup table where all the values of the drop down are listed and based on the value you can shoot an email with the requirement to the email that sent the form

We use both ways depending on the need.

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

It sounds from your message that it’s potentially doable.
To explain further - we want to create a form where you would have a dropdown menu with different camera types (Alexa, Sony, Canon, Red, etc). Once you choose the camera type from the dropdown an appropriate tech spec will come up. Each spec is slightly different for each camera type.
We created each spec individually in a word document but we’d like to keep it all in one place where our producers can access it easily and where we can update them without to use traditional word documents.
If this is doable do you have a tutorial on how to go about creating that in Asana?

Thank you

If you’re on an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription level, you can accomplish something like that using the branching capability of Asana Forms:


@Jo_Lewandowska, I agree with @Phil_Seeman that the newish form branching feature is a simple way for you to address your requirement, as I understand it.


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FYI just because I found out recently: you can nest 5 branches maximum… #fliesaway