Can i populate a form select input from a lookup table/project?

Hi, I want to populate a select input from a project or lookup table in Asana. Basically i have a zap that goes to airtable and grabs some unique code. This zap will update a lookup table in asana, and the form select will read from this table so that our team can select the correct code.

Is this even possible or am i dreaming? I dont know asana well, is it possible to do this via API? I might be able to achieve this with a more technical solution.



What you can do:

  • your zap updates a custom field drop down option
  • a form in Asana has a question linked to a field

This way your options are changed by Zapier and they show up in Asana.

Is this what you are looking for?

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This is exactly what i want, is there any documentation on this!?

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Not that I know of, you can hire someone to help (I could for example) or try to get it to work yourself or with your team’s help…

@Bastien_Siebman makes sense, im just going to use the API its much easier vs figuring out a zap which i dont think is available

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You can also use the API through a custom web hook call within a zap :slight_smile: