How to copy a task including its subtasks



Currently, when you copy a task with CTRL + C, it only copies the task name, not its Description or any subtasks that it has. We have tasks that happen on a regular basis that we’re creating a checklist template for, and it’s difficult at the moment because when you copy a main task, it doesn’t copy the Description of the task or the subtasks that are inside it.

Does anyone else have this problem?


If you click the menu inside the task you want to copy (the three vertical dots) and choose Copy Task, you can choose which attributes​ get carried over. We do this extensively with template tasks and subtasks in our content calendar project.


Hi Craig

I did discover that option, however, you would need to do that for each individual task. I have a checklist of about 6-7 master tasks that need to be performed each fortnight/month with each master tasks having about 5-10 subtasks.


I don’t know whether this would fit your need, but you could make one task called Monthly Tasks, make your current tasks subtasks, and your current subtasks substasks of the subtasks. Then you can just copy Monthly Tasks each month.

You can also set up recurring tasks in your current version, which come back to life each month.



Here is a possible solution.
Your Main Project has a Section called “Template - Tasks - Don’t Delete” in here you have all of the Master Task with the relevant SubTasks.
You then have what ever other relevant Sections etc that you need. Example below;

These Tasks are then associated with another Project which will act as your Task Template Project, the task will look something like this.

Then when you need to duplicate the tasks you copy the “Template Project” making sure that you select “Other Projects” You will then get this result in your Main project.

Now you can move those tasks into the right Section. You can then Delete the “Copy of Project” and that project will be removed leaving the tasks in the correct project and section as per below;

Hope this helps or maybe someone else has another solution…



This could be a solution. I’ll try this out and get feedback from other users.



Thanks Jason. I think for the moment this just has too many steps and would just annoy the users and discourage them from using the system. I’ll try Craig’s solution for now.