How to change my email, its very confusing

I have referred to the instructions here How to control your profile settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana but they dont work so can someone explain please, it seems very complicated…

I can login with my new email address, I must have changed it a long time ago. But I still get notifications to my old email addresses and my profile shows my old email even though I just logged in with my new one! I want to remove those.

When I go to Notifications, the email I login with is not listed. So I click Add New Email, enter it, and it says it emailed me to verify, but the email never arrives.

When I go to Profile, the email listed in there is my old email and not the one I login with, but its greyed out I cant change it.

So where do I change my email in that greyed out box, and how to add it into Notifications?

Asana must be the most complicated system to change your email address!


I think your best bet might be to contact support:

They have better access to your info to help you. You can link to your post here for their reference.

Hope that helps,


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I have done it now.

What I had to do, which was not made clear at all, was actually change my organisation domain. I had to request Asana do that. Once they did it, when I login, my email has now changed to my new one that way.

I almost didn’t even request to change the organisation domain, because their form asked me to confirm I have verified my new email, but that verification process did not work as I receive no email to verify it. So I confirmed it anyway and took a risk, and it worked.

So all looks to be working now, except it was very confusing how to do it.

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