How to change email on the asana?


How to change email on the asana? i try contact on the support and didn’t get answer

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Hello @Janek

Add the new email address you want to use and then remove the old one. That should do.

Check out this article for more info


I can’t change, i have information that i must send a message to support

Anyone Can help ?

Did you reach out to support?
If there is a message within Asana that you are unable to change it for whatever reason then they will be able to help.

I send a message but didn’t get answer

@Rebecca_McGrath are you able to help?

It can take up to several days to get an answer, especially if you are on a free plan.

I used an organization email, i testing a premium plan, i sent from different mail

I guess you should wait for support to get back to you. If you email them again, your request goes back at the bottom of the pile…

I send first mail/ticke 2 weeks ago, and nobody didn’t respond

Anyone can help?

@Forum-team can you have a look at this? Thanks!

Hi @Janek,

Can you please DM me the email address you used to contact our support team? Thanks

I sent

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Thanks @Janek! Marking this resolved, as I’m I’ll follow up privately on this request!

Hi! How did you solution this problem? I have similar problem

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Pavel_K,

do you have a problem with changing your email or getting in touch with support?

I have problem with change email
I didn’t send a question in support because I didn’t find their email-adress

I see, just follow the steps here on how to contact support: How to contact our Support Team ✉