How to best setup our environment – What should be a project in our case?

Hi there … New here. Similar to this thread, I thought about setting up our clients as projects; however, I’m now having 2nd thoughts.

We’re a very small team; and it will initially be just 3 of us. I have mind-mapped this to know that we will need the following:
Clients (I thought this would be a project each)
Work or Task Type (I have around 20 identified)
State / Status / Stage – These are the equivalent of sections in a Kanban board.

I need the stage to be the same across all clients; and therefore, when I look at a board, I should be able to see which client-specific work/task type is in what stage/status/state. Does that make sense?

Each “card,” I have noticed, is a task. As a result, I’m assuming that each of the work/task types I have identified will have to be a custom-field; correct?

Here’s some what of an example:
In addition to actual clients, we the company are an internal client in this setup. As such, if I created a task called “create a template for xyz” I can assign it the work/task type “Documentation,” for example, and might put it in 1 of 11 stages. Don’t fret over the naming of the stages, I’m still working through that.

On the “board,” assuming I put it in “To-Do,” I should be able to see what else is … well … to-do across all of my “clients.”

Here’s my question: How am I supposed to accomplish this if boards are an entity of projects and not stand-alone?

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Welcome, @anon4423780,

You may be interested in this free workshop video I did which may help you address your situation:

But I think more information and an interactive/collaborative approach is required to give you any more specific answers.



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Just finished watching that. Thank you.
I gathered I should shift everything down a level. Our clients, I believe, cannot be tasks; and therefore, they should be custom fields. A client list drop down, perhaps. Ultimately, I should be operating out of one single project.

Did I understand that correctly?

Did I misunderstand?

@anon4423780, I wasn’t actually making any specific recommendation, just offering the resource to you.