Specialized Use Case: Board View in Projects vs Tasks

Hello all! I’ve used Asana in previous organizations, so I wanted to trial it in a new workflow for my new company, so having some trouble on where to proceed.

All of our clients will go through 8 or 9 stages from onboarding to results and wanted to visualize those clients in the stages with the board view. However, from the main view, in order to use the board view, I would then have to consider each client as an individual task instead of a project. Is there any way to do a board view for projects instead of tasks?


Hey @Nishant_Chittari,
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I mean it depends how much work you have to do for each client but in general I recommend setting up one project per client.

Here is a nice overview on all the different view options you have for each project: Overview of Asana views options | Product guides • Asana

And then I‘d recommend setting up a portfolio where you add all the client projects so you have a nice overview. In the portfolios you can also display custom fields, meaning you could have one containing all the stages for your client projects.
More info How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana

Does that help?