How to Automatically Create Recurring Tasks in To Do instead of in Complete

I have a repeat task set up, but when I complete it, the recurring tasks are created under the “Complete” column instead of the “To Do” column which would make more sense:

@Julien_RENAUD we see this request over and over again on the forum, but I can’t remember if someone ever found a solution. We know their is the “hack” you can enable for My Tasks, but what about a regular project?

I guess it’s because you complete the task once it is already in the “complete” section.
If you complete it from the “to do” section, then the recurring task is created in the “to do” section.
A rule can move the completed task to the “complete” section.
Have you tried that?

@Julien_RENAUD this happens when a rule actions is “move to Complete AND complete” or even the other way around.