How to automatically add a due date after dependent task is completed?


We use templates and in those templates, we have lots of tasks that are dependent on each other. It would be awesome if we could set up an automation in which once a task is completed, the start date of the task that was dependent on the completed task is set to be the completion date of the preceding task and, even more importantly, if we know that a task should take 5 days to complete (could be a new field), the due date of the dependent task is 5 days later.

Is that at all possible?

Thanks for any insights and help



Not possible unless you use Flowsana I believe (@Phil_Seeman am I correct?)

Asana has the Rules feature to setup due date when dependency is gone, but you can’t choose a different value for each task.

Hi Bastien,

Thanks for the response.

Asana has the Rules feature to setup due date when dependency is gone

What do you mean with that?

You can setup a rule saying “When a task dependency is gone -> set due date to X days from now” and X is the same for all tasks in the project.

Ahhh… close but in my case not that useful. Thanks for letting me know

Hi @Patrick_van_der_Valk :wave:t5:

As @Bastien_Siebman recommended, you could achieve this using the integration Flowsana. You can learn more in the following thread: Static dependencies

I would also recommend you to add cast your vote on the following thread: Project Templates- Dynamic Due Dates (T+)

Have a great week Patrick!


Thank you. I will check it out

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