New project template: Task due date based on the due date of an depending task

It would be great to have the option to add tasks to the new project template of which the due date is based on another dependent task. For example, three days after the other depending task or even three days after completing the other depending task. That would be massive!


I am guessing your request is not related to templates then, and you would expect that task due date to change if this other task due date was to ever change?

My concern is indeed about project templates. It would be great if tasks in such a template were not only based on the due date or start date (e.g. +15 days or -28 days before the due date or start date), as it is the case now, but if there would be the option that individual tasks within a project template are based on other tasks on which they depend. An example: A task is called “Send contract” and is set to “- 30 days” from the Due Date. It would be great if there would be another task called “Send contract reminder” and set to “+ 7 days after completion of the task Send contract”.

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I understand. But if everything is tied to either start date or end date, then the result is the same. There is a sweet spot where “7 days after contract signed” is actually “32 days after kick off”…

I am sorry if I did not make myself clear. I mean that the dependent task should be due seven days after COMPLETING the other task. We have several tasks in our project templates where the date is already overdue when we set up a project (on purpose, these tasks need to be done immediately). And the dependent task should be due seven days after the tasks it depends is COMPLETED. Right now, we leave the dates blank and change them manually. This could work like the custom rules - such a rule would be great: When the task is completed the due date of the depending task should be in seven days after completing the task

Thanks for providing this feedback, @Aga_Heller1!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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FYI this is a feature of the Dynamic Duration workflow in our Flowsana integration (for more info, see When completing a task, adjust it and its dependents here).


Great! I will give it a try!

Yes exactly so that feature is unrelated to templates, that was my initial question :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying. Flowsana to the rescue!

Hi all, the ability to do this would be life-changing for us, and unfortunately, the organization cannot pay for Flowsana for everyone at the moment. Any chance this is being considered or updated? We have team projects for the hiring and onboarding of new employees. Some things need to happen a specific amount of days once another task has been completed versus when a project is created.

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Then if this is only “some”, create a task blocked by the “another task” telling the person to put a due date based on whatever today’s date is.

Echoing a need for this in Templates! So many of our tasks are dependent on when the previous task was completed, NOT the project start date. This seems like a basic need and something my previous project management software systems allowed for.


and a simple dependency is not enough, you want a lag time?

FYI the Dynamic Duration workflow type in our Flowsana integration contains this type of capability. It’s activated by selecting the When completing a task, adjust it and its dependents option.

I’m having issues finding a specific project in Flowsana. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Hi @Ryan_Leo! Can you send this question in an email to and we’ll help you out? Thanks!