Due Dates for Templates

I want to make a template where the due dates for certain tasks are depending on the due date of the project (i.e Task #1 is due 10 days prior to due date of the project) Is there a way to do this on a template so I don’t have to do manually?

Please look at Flowsana by @Phil_Seeman. His product will do this and much more.

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Thanks @James_Carl! Worksana probably would have been a great name for it, but it’s actually Flowsana. Maybe I should rename it! :laughing:

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Thanks guys how do I get that?

Sorry Phil :weary:. It was very late at night.

That’s when I do some of my best coding! :wink:

You can sign up for Flowsana here. After you create an account, you’ll be at the My Workflows page where you can put a project under control of a Flowsana workflow. You should definitely read up on how it works here in the Knowledge Base before you get started.

There are two basic types of workflow to choose from. From what you’ve described, I think you’ll want the Dynamic Duration-Based Workflow type. Note that while I plan to add the ability to work backward from an overall project due date as you’re looking for, at present it works forward from a project start date. But you can essentially get what you want by plugging in a guesstimated start date, seeing where the final task ends, then adjusting the start date to get the overall ending date you want.

I’m looking at flowsana as an add on, still considering Asana… I will be using it to manage the life cycle of a Real Estate transaction. My current workflow has around 90 action steps many of which are due a predetermined number of days from a previous task. This sounds like an excellent fit assuming I can create master templates one for Buyers and One for sellers. However, you mention that your solution takes weekends into account. Our contracts are based on calendar days not business days. Is this a setting that can be changed by the end user?

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Not yet, but this option is high on the to-do list; I can’t promise anything but I think it will likely be implemented in the next set of Flowsana product changes.

Great news, can you save my info and let me know once implemented? I would love to utilize your enhancement.

Will do!

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