How to Assign due date for project based on x days, weeks vs dates?

Hello! I currently have Asana premium however I would be willing to upgrade to business if needed. I am an interior decorator and have a project template for when I take on a new client. I am wondering if on the template I can somehow set all of my tasks to be based on weeks from due date. For instance, if I select a due date 3 months from now then certain tasks would be due 2 weeks from the due date, 4 weeks from the due dates, etc. Is this possible or is there a hack to achieve it? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Megan_McCrea,

You can come close to that now (including from Asana Premium) using the “schedule project dates” feature when you create a new project from a template. See here for more info:

It doesn’t allow you to literally enter relative dates like you describe, but if you have your dates properly set up relative to one another in the template, you’ll end up with essentially the same result as you’re looking for.

If you do want the ability to use true relative dates, and/or want the ability to have dependent tasks shift as you use the project based on those relative dates, then you might take a look at our Flowsana integration - the “Workback workflow” option of the Flowsana “Dynamic Dependency” workflow will do what you’re asking for. I’d love to have you use Flowsana but you should check out the “schedule project dates” native Asana capability first to see if it meets your needs.


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