Automated assignment of Due Dates based on Dependencies, when using Task Templates?

I thought I understood what Dependencies could do, but obviously I’ve misunderstood them, because what I’m about to describe doesn’t work the way I thought it might.

So how do I get this?

What I need is for due dates on Subtasks within a Task Template to automatically be assigned a due date, based on the due date manually entered for ONE of the subtasks.

Just for a visual, see the snippet I just uploaded. How do I build the task template so that all of the due dates for Subtasks 2-5 automatically generate when I assign the due date for Subtask 1?

I’m going to be doing a LARGE amount of these, and it’s not as simple as clicking and assigning a due date “1 day later” than the previous subtasks. Some are several days, some may actually be days “prior” to the due date of Subtask 1.

Hi @Matt5 I can definitely see the need for your use case. I just had the same conversation with one of my clients. There is no way to do this at this moment, I’m trying to do something similar with Flowsana.

@Phil_Seeman Do you think it is possible?

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@Matt5 (and @Paul_Grobler),

Would it work if you instead entered a date for the parent task instead of the top subtask, and then had all of the subtasks’ dates set relative to that parent task date? If so, then you could accomplish it in Flowsana; see this forum post for details.