Later (Dependency) Task Due Date based on by Completion Date of Earlier Task

I often set up entire projects at the start of the project, and don’t need to add additional tasks. I would really love if a later, dependent task’s due date could be automatically generated (based on a pre-defined timeline) once a previous task is marked complete. Right now, I have to change the due dates every time a prior task is complete.

Here’s what this would like like…

Task 1 - due Monday
Task 2 - (dependent on completion of Task 1) - due date is 5 days after Task 1 is marked complete. I would set the “due 5 days after Task 1 completed” in the due date area for Task 2, but then I wouldn’t have to revisit this…the project would just roll forward, and due dates would adjust accordingly.

There’s already a feature to set recurring tasks “periodically” based on the number of days AFTER the task is marked complete, so the functionality is there for this type of conditional logic.

I just upgraded to dependencies. It is somewhat useful…not sure if it’s worth the upgrade at this point. I will keep it for a while and try it out, but this feature would eliminate the doubt about value/worth.

I agree for the need - as it is critical. Dates are a cumbersome task with dependencies when the entire schedule needs to shift.

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When task #1 is completed, task #2 gets an automatic due date/time set for 24/48/72/coustom hours/(days). This would automate the workflow and team members would be notified immediately when a task is ready for them.


Hi @Lucas2! Just moving your thread to Later (Dependency) Task Due Date based on by Completion Date of Earlier Task to avoid having too many duplictates! :slight_smile:

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+1 for this feature. Would save me quite some time every day, since we work with dependencies a lot.

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Exactly what I’m looking for - it’s not really that functional how it works now.

Sounds good!

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This is something that needs to be created as an option for Asana users, especially those who use timeline (a premium feature). I create project plans based on a template that spans 13-14 months. Assigning individual dates to nearly 150 tasks takes way too much time.

My thought is to use a custom field. In my template, I created a custom field for the estimated number of workdays for a task to be completed. I have also marked out all the task dependencies, so no task stands alone. The custom field combined with task dependencies could theoretically mean that all I would need to do is input the project start date or a due date for the first task and the due dates would automatically be filled in. I could then go to timeline to make small adjustments if necessary.

If the dates would adjust for calendar holidays or employee vacation schedules, that would be bonus!


Is there any update on this feature? This would be a HUGE feature improvement, right now Asana isn’t helpful at providing me a quick look at our due date and I tried using timeline but all new tasks go to the bottom, are unorganized and if there are any tasks marked with dependencies but not completed it doesn’t show you that at all…


Literally joining the Asana community specifically to +500 for this feature. It would make the task templates INFINITELY more appealing to be able to have the due dates set up relative to each other and be able to assign the main task a due date and have the sub tasks auto assign due dates working backward from due date based on the overall task due date.

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This is unquestionably a need. There has to be an option to adjust the dependent tasks dates based on (early) completion of the trigger task.

This need is even more crucial when I think about project templates. A template that includes dependencies needs to have the ability to be set up with relative dates, so that when the template is made into a project, all of the dates set up automatically – otherwise each time a template is used, there will be tons of unnecessary work to set up all of the due dates.


Hi Kenneth,

FYI Flowsana provides both of these exact capabilities via its Dynamic Duration workflow type.


I am looking into using Asana as a case management system for a law firm.

A big part of our workflow is following up responses, etc, to a request or letter we send out. i.e. Task 1 is ‘request information from witness’. When completed I want dependant task 2 ‘follow up witness for information’ to automate to be due 14 days from when task 1 was completed. Doesn’t seem that hard really…

Hi folks,

We’re after releasing two updates that address this issue in all Asana projects (including templates).

Have a look at these two announcements to learn more: