How to assign colleagues to entire projects rather than each task individually

Good Afternoon,

I used ASANA at my old job and just recently got a new position at a location that does not use ASANA. I recommended it to them and they all loved it at first blush. I am now building projects into the database and am wondering if it is possible for my supervisor to see the updates for each individual task within each project without having to add them as a collaborator manually for each task.

Please let me know if there is a way to do this.

Thank you very much!

This is not possible, and I’ll go further: he probably should not. He’ll drown under notifications.

My intuition is telling me that he is “old school” and want to follow everything, when he actually needs to take a step back, delegate, and let people do the work, while reporting progress using project status updates every week for example! He can also build himself a couple of reports (saved advanced search) to watch the progress of only milestones for example. He might need Portfolios as well.


Thank you for the information, very helpful Bastien!



Your supervisor has the option, too, to be a Member of the Project–she’ll see some notifications, like additions of tasks to the project and completions, but not details like comment post for a particular task.

You can add her, or she can add herself to up to 50 tasks at once with multiple-selection of tasks, then add as Collaborator.