How to easily add all project collaborators to a task?

Is there any shortcut to easily add all people in a project to a task? Like if I type in the name of a project into the “collaborator” field, could it just automatically add all people in that project to follow a task? If there isn’t already a shortcut like this, what do you recommend as a work around? We have a project with 10 members, all members frequently need to follow tasks in that project, and I don’t want to always add each person individually.

I know you can do this in conversations, but I am not a huge fan of the conversations tab because I have to scroll through a bunch of conversations to reach older ones I’m looking for. Thanks

If you have a look at project options/permission you can set by individual that they receive an inbox message for any new tasks and I think updates to tasks. Hope that helps.


Hmm, I’m not really seeing a “permissions” tab in the projects drop down menu. I am currently using the free version, so maybe this is only a Premium feature?


To set individualy what people receive in their Inbox, you have to click on the + button at the top right corner of your project screen, next to member’s bubbles, then a window pops up and at the bottom you can click “Manage Member Notifications”. You can do that with free version.

To add “automatically” all members as collaborators of a task, I don’t know any command that do so, but you can set up a task with all members as collaborators, and then you duplicate the task when you want to create a new one. When you click on duplicate, you have several choices for what you want to copy, and in the list you can select “collaborators”. That way you don’t have to select them again and all the members are collaborators of the new task.

Hopes this will help you.


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Sorry Sam probably wasn’t clear. @Julien_RENAUD is correct in his explanation.

Here is some screen shots to help. And this is on the Free Version as well.

First Click the “Add” button underneath your Avatar;

The you should see this popup window;
Click on the “Manage Member Notifications”
Then you will get this popup;

So here you can set that which each member of the project gets notified about for that project. I hope this helps solve your problem.


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Hi, thanks so much for the suggestions!

Creating a template task is an interesting idea. I tried it out and it works, but still feels like more key strokes than necessary. Click on the template task, click on task options > copy, make sure “collaborators” is checked, then click copy. Then I have to go back into the newly copied task to edit it further.

Thanks for the screenshots, I see now where to check them off to receive notifications about new tasks. However, this doesn’t mean they are actually following all tasks and will receive notifications each time I post a new comment in a task.

So I think I’m still in need of a time efficient way to make everyone following a particular project also be collaborators of all comments left on a particular task in that project. Thanks!

Thank you @Jason_Woods for the additionnal informations and screenshots.
@Sam_P I agree with you that a time efficient way to add all project members as collaborators could be great :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexis

Is there a way to add as collaborators all project’s members without duplicatng a task already having all collaborators ?
If not I guess it may already be in ASANA’s list for future developments.

Thank you for your feedback


If I understand what you’re asking, the answer is no. An alternative would be to ensure that all project members are notified when a new task is created. And to create a convention on your team that everyone adds him/herself as a collaborator. That’s pretty detailed, though. The simplest option would be to duplicate the task and select the checkbox option to add all the same collaborators on the new task.

Ok thank you @Alexis. Indeed what I was suggesting is for instance a button or default proposal in the collaborator window that could add in just one click all project members as collaborators.

I’m using the duplicate method you’re suggesting, it works well, associated with notifications when tasks are added.

Thank you
Have a nice afternoon at SF.

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Glad I was able to help you find something that works for you!

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As an alternative to the existing way of adding members, I can visualize some kind of drop down dialog box when adding members with a tick box next to each. Adding collaborators would just be a matter of ticking each user you want to add as team member, project or task collaborator, with possibly a tick box right on top which you click to select all. This would be a much easier and more visual way of adding members. Once you’ve ticked all the ones you need, you would click a “add” button and voilà!

@Julien_RENAUD One more work around that might work for you is if you have exactly the same 10 people always needing to follow all tasks, and there is no variation - it’s always the same 10 - you can multi select all tasks in a project and change the settings for all of them at once. So you’d just add the collaborators using this global change method. If you did this periodically you’d ensure everyone was getting detailed updates.

@Alexis this is now more into the feature request category than a tip or trick - but here it goes anyway. I really like the idea of being able to type the name of a project into the collaborator box and it auto adds all the people from that project as collaborators. I also experience this same pain point where I’m typing the same list of people every time. This functionality would also be amazing on the TEAM level. Just type the words “IT Team” and then all members of the IT team / workspace are now collaborators. Not sure if the feature could be coded in such a ways so as to be smart and dynamic. As I add and remove people from the IT Team, tasks being tracked by the team are also updated.

@Kristian_Sekse Thanks for sharing this new tip. Usually I need to add all members as collaborators for meeting notes, so I need that everyone has access immediately when available, that’s why I currently use the “duplicating” method I mentionned above. Nevertheless, I didn’t know it was possible to multi select tasks and then add collaborators, great to know :slight_smile:

Concerning the feature request, @Alexis has already created a new #productfeedback thread with the idea. You can have access here to complete the idea and vote for the idea : Add all project collaborators to a task



it would be awesome if it was possible to create groups or even connect Active Directory or Google Suite Groups to Asana, so that, whenever you create a project or tasks you can add a group of collaborators at once.
That would be really cool and useful, I’m sure many people here would love it.
Cheers, =)

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Is there any update to this feature/request? It still would be really helpful if projects had tasks and subtasks able to have teams follow as apposed to having to add each person to every task and sub task. We typically have all members of the team following the project and tasks and sub tasks but for each one you have to add everyone and this gets missed. Why can there not be an option for inheriting permission or something from the master project or even at the task level where if you make a task, add collaborators, the sub tasks are automatically set to follow the main task.

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