Feature request: Add entire teams as project members at once

When clicking on the project members of a project you would have to add new new project members in this field: “Add project members by name or email…”

While this can be done only manually, one by one, for assigning tasks there already is an amazing, time-saving trick: you can assign copies to multiple users or even entire teams.

This would be a great time saver :slight_smile:

That would be amazing @Marius_Wedemeyer !! I think your idea is similar to the one described in this post: Mentioning/Assigning by Team. Thanks again for sharing your feature request! :slight_smile:

Could I suggest this not just be for assigning project members, but for adding a team as collaborators to a task as well?


You might be interested in this one:



We have about 40 people in our Engineering org, and I want them all to be able to receive Project Status updates by email. It’s very cumbersome to try to add them individually to a project as a member, to cause them to receive updates. Are there any other options?


Welcome, @Becca_Petrin,

I’m afraid this isn’t possible currently. I’ve merged your post into an existing thread and you can vote for this functionality at the top of this thread.



Maybe my Everyone tool can help?

It will be great when creating a project under a team, to invite all members of the team instead of adding them one by one!

Do you want all of your team members to have access to? Or are they al actively working on all new projects?

If it’s the former I’d suggest setting the privacy option set the privacy setting so that it’s visible to the team upon creating a new project.

If it’s the latter it might be an option creating a project template and add all team members under 1) project settings. (If you’re not sharing a template with multiple teams)

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I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread into this existing one, where your vote has been consolidated.