Mentioning/Assigning by Team


As far as I can tell, I can only @mention individual people and not teams. I just had to ask everyone else on my team what they thought of something one person wrote in a task comment (i.e. there were no followers already), and it was very tedious to enter each person’s name manually.

It would also be helpful to be able to assign a task to a team, which would act as a shortcut for creating an instance of the task for each team member.

Feature request: Add entire teams as project members at once

@Craig_Fifer I think the idea is to use Team Conversations and then reference the associated Task. Check here -> Team Conversations.


That wouldn’t​ serve the same purpose. In particular, it would merge together lots of unrelated discussion, and there’d be no way to look at a task and see its discussion history.


I hear you, Craig! It would be helpful to at mention teams and we’ve noted your feedback. At this point conversations are the best bet or simply adding each name manually. If you’d like to reduce lots of unrelated discussion, you could also assign a feedback subtask to multiple people. We do this, actually. If we need feedback on a piece of copy, for instance, we’ll create a review task and use the “assign to multiple” feature. You’d still have to write each name, but it would reduce overall clutter. Hope this helps!



I am able to assign one task to a team. It makes one task to each team member. Is that what you wanted?


Yes, sounds like it. How/where do you choose the team?


Silly me! When you select assign copies you can also assign to a team. Good call @nfuste! :sweat_smile:



As @Alexis says, when you create a task, instead of typing a member’s name you can write the name of a team.

I’m happy to help.

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Okay, I think I’ve narrowed down the problems:

  • In the mobile app, you can’t @mention teams in either assignments or comments.

  • In desktop, you can @mention teams in comments and Assign Copies, but you can’t @mention teams in the default assignment field (i.e. the one you use for a single person before you click the Assign Copies icon).


When I mention teams in comments, the individual in the team don’t get notification. Nor do they become follower of the task neither. It’s like I just simply typed plain texts. Not mentions.


A consistent @mention team in assigning task copies, comments (and have the member team as follower) would be helpful instead of doing this one by one.
It does not seem that complicated considering what is available and would simplify certain use cases


I have same problem as @Vib_Wor - I am unable to @ mention a team in a task comment, it just shows as plain text. I would find this very helpful as a means of notifying a group of people.

I don’t think that assigning a team to a task is a good idea. It raises lots of questions about responsibility and what not.