Can different stakeholders be allowed to see different pieces of information?

I am about to set up a large training project in which the main project leader wants certain stakeholders to only see certain tasks/information within the project. Is this possible?

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A best practice is to create another project, in addition to the Training project, called something like “Training - Stakeholders Info” and add the stakeholder-only tasks also to that project (those tasks will then be multi-homed in both projects; do this with the Task Detail Projects field).

The only other way to handle this is to not make the stakeholders members of the Training project but collaborators on the task, but that has the side effect of the stakeholders seeing extra notifications on these tasks which may not be desirable, and to the stakeholders, the tasks will appear untethered to a project unless they have access rights to the project (yet are not members).

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Hi, Larry,

Thank for the quick reply. I’ve set it up as you advised but have some additional questions:

  1. Let’s say I have the “Main” project (the project that houses ALL tasks for this project that I want my internal team to see but I don’t want the client to see all the tasks in this project) and then I create a “Sub” project (for tasks that I only want the client to see). Then I create a task in “Main” and if I want the client to see/be assigned this task, I add it to “Sub”.
  • My question is, will the client who has been assigned this task in “Sub” be able to see all the tasks in "Main’ because “Main” is where the task was created?
  1. Second option: If I have a project with 3 team members (me and my colleagues) and I add a task and add a 4th person as a collaborator ONLY on that task - can they see everything in that project now?


No. The client, not being a member of project Main, won’t see tasks in Main unless any are 1) in a project like Sub that the client is a project member of, or 2) the Assignee or Collaborator of a task, regardless of (1).

No. For the same reason as above.

If you want to be really sure, best thing is to create another Asana account, say using a gmail address, and test this with yourself pretending to be the client and maintaining two Asana logins at once (use two different browsers, incognito mode, or two browser profiles.

Hope that’s more clear,