How to add email adress not from GSuite?

Hey there!

I tried today to convert my collaboration space from personal to organization project and Asana told me to add my work email adress. In my company the work adresses are under polish supplier ( / ).

When I click to add new adress, the site automatically drops me to GSuite login page, like it’s only possible to convert to an organization if you have a GSuite email company adress.

So the question is, is it posibble (and if yes, then how) to add non GSuite email adress to Asana?

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I think you should contact support as it might related to this specific address you are using.

Hi @Kamil_Zowczak! Yes, as long as you own the domain, you should definitely be able to use a non GSuite email address to convert a Workspace into Organization. But as recommended by @Bastien_Siebman, feel free to reach out to Support (Asana Support - Help Center • Asana), our Team will be able to take a closer look into this for you!