Change email addresses for entire company

My company was recently acquired. All of our email addresses are changing to the new company’s (and our old email addresses will be killed off). Can I migrate our Asana platform and history over to the new email addresses (the new company doesn’t use Asana (yet), but we will continue to use it).

Hi @Austin_Sharp

Yes I believe this has been raised before and you can get this sorted out with Asana.

The best way is to contact Asana Support.


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Welcome to the Forum @Austin_Sharp :wave:and thank you so much for reaching out!

As @Jason_Woods explained, in order to change your company’s email domain you need to contact our Support Team following these steps.

In the meantime and to help facilitate this change, I would first recommend adding your new email address by following the instructions of our guide: add a new email address to your Asana account . After that, our Support Team would help you to make the corresponding changes to your Organization.

I hope this helps Austin and if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

Have a great day!