How do you stop interruptions from coworkers? Does Asana help?

At my last job, our webdev got so fed up with all of us tapping him on the shoulder / emailing / Slacking (okay, okay, HipChatting – this was 2014) him to let him know about a bug / request / thing we needed Right. Now. that he gave us an ultimatum “put it in Asana or I won’t do it.” So, obviously, that got us all to use Asana pretty quickly!

Even with Asana, though, getting interrupted by coworkers is hard to avoid. What are some things you do (either with or without Asana) to better manage coworkers requesting you to do something for them?

Also, I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently what we were doing is called “work requests” – our forever fearless guide writer, Nikki, just wrote up some of her best tips as well


At work we have a saying “No Jira no Work”. Basically the same. As a developer I can tell you: interruptions are the worst!


Working remotely also definitely helps. :joy:

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You can also try the “Inbox Snooze”.
If you need to focus then you can add a button to My Inbox to hide all notifications for one hour.
Go to your profile, then Hacks and select “Inbox Snooze”.


Agreed – inbox snooze is helpful. I also like going into “focus mode” when I just need to have a task open for reference.

@Bastien_Siebman: It sounds like your team is probably using Asana and Jira at the same time. Do you use any integrations to connect the two?

@Jessie_Beck not yet, still hope to convince them. Using Jira mostly but copy-pasting a few things in Asana as it feels more friendly.
However I thing Unito is doing a great job synchronizing the two.

In my work we are 15 people, the interruptions happens mostly because we are very close together in the same open space/open office divided in two groups of 8 work slots/workstations.

In cases like this the bet thing is to create a code or culture, like “when wearing headphones, don’t disrupt me” or even a little colored sign to stick on the top of each monitor.

As for using Asana to help with this, we discovered that creating a custom field called “priority” helped a lot.



Sounds so similar to my situation! We were also ~12 people broken up into 3 pods. I like the custom field with priority idea!


Hi Neyl,

could you please explain how exactly do you use this field do decrease interruptions. Thank you!