Increasing accountability on Asana

Our work allocation needs to be updated lamost on hourly basis i.e we might give 5 work and expect reverts within hours , how to ensure people are quickly responding? ( we are thinking to do whatsapp integration for reminders associasted with a tag that say revert in 2 hours or 4 hours but not sure if asana supports simething like that) Community Forum English

I am not aware of any WhatsApp integration, but maybe Zapier & co can help.

How were you working until today without Asana?

Manually! It was an absolute chaos leading to escalations, blame games and extreme inefficiency, we aren’t just doing better in terms of efficiency, clarity but also in peace of mind!

Ensuring people respond quickly is not much an Asana “topic” but instead an adoption topic. That’s why I was asking how you were doing previously.

Initial ideas:

  • train everyone on Asana
  • make sure managers use Asana as well
  • make sure the leadership emphasises the importance of Asana
  • use Asana during meetings, review dashboards
  • train, train, train…
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