How Asana helps me manage my daily activities and email notifications

Hey, guys!

My name is Guilherme de Paula, I’m from São Paulo - Brazil.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about how Asana collaborates with me on my activities.

Before I started in the company I’m in today, I didn’t know Asana and any other project management software. However, on my first day on the job, my manager asked me to learn all about this wonderful software, our dear Asana.

It was several days studying the operation of the tool and some official integrations that Asana has.

I literally dived head first into the subject, and i went deeper into its functioning.

With a few days of study, I realized that it was also possible to use Asana for everyday activities of my daily life, both from the personal and professional aspects. Asana collaborates with me on all activities, from taking water hourly, taking some medication and hiking, as much as on college and work projects.

I add all emails and requests I receive to Asana. This helps me manage all notifications to make sure I don’t forget anything!

I use it on my laptop and on my phone. I really appreciate the day I met this tool.

Today, I am a master user in the company I work for, and collaborate in several internal projects.

Using Asana + Microsoft Outlook integration, I can get my work-related emails straight to my Asana Inbox. Through this method, I can filter the type of email that goes to this inbox and share my Asana activity calendar with my Outlook calendar. That way, it’s possible that the Asana + Outlook integration “schedules” the time of that task for me.

Another function of Asana that I use a lot, is the creation of forms. Machine maintenance requests in the company I work for are all made using the Asana form.

After the open request, we created a rule in Asana with a number of days for that maintenance to be performed. Depending on the type of maintenance, the days will be given to perform this task.

When a request is created through the form, a notification arrives at the email of the person responsible, and already leaves reserved the days in the calendar for that maintenance to be performed.

Also used the integration Asana + Freshdesk. For after a ticket is opened, it goes to the contributor’s inbox, along with a channel message in Microsoft Teams.


That’s definitely key! :muscle:

How do you do this part?

Thanks for sharing!

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Hello @Bastien_Siebman , I created a rule in Asana, so that when a task is added through the form, this rule creates a subtask, which adds 5 days to the realization of the task created.


I’m a new user and I only use an iPhone. I’ve read through the online help sections on how to turn off email notifications and the options it’s telling me to click on are not available on the phone.

Can email notifications only be turned off on a computer? Thanks!


Hello @Gary_Lockhart

Look this link, if answer your question
Email notifications | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Some features are indeed only accessible through the web interface.

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Great read! Thank you for sharing!

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Great answer! Thank you for sharing!

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