How do I transfer ownership of a private project?

Hello everyone, I have a colleague who left the company. She is the owner of a private project, and I need to transfer ownership of that project to me. I am a member of the project, and I am also an admin in our enterprise account. We need to deprovision her from our enterprise account because we need the seat, but I understand from lurking about in the forums that if we deprovision her, all her private projects also disappear. Can you let me know how I can switch ownership of her private project to me? Thank you.

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To switch ownership, you can contact Asana support team (How to contact our Support Team ✉), and they should be able to help you.

Another approach: Before you deprovision, commandeer the colleague’s login and make the change yourself, while logged in as them.

For more info before you deprovision, see my Forum Leader Tip:



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