How do I change the ownership of a private project?

Hi, I have a colleague who is on sick leave. He is the owner several (private) projects which are shared with customers. I want to transfer the ownership of those projects to me. I am a member of some of the projects, but don’t have the admin rights on all of them. I am the admin of our organisation. How can I make these changes?

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Hi Tamara :wave:

About admin and rights on projects:

Then, what can you do ?
As an admin of your organization, you could contact Asana support with a clear list of the projects (URLs) where you want to have admin rights.

To create a support ticket, go to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana (make sure you are logged in to Asana) > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket.

Let me know if I can help more.
Wishing you the best wit Asana :wink:

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