Can a team admin be automatically a project owner?

I am a team admin trying to make some arrangements imn our account.

There are Projects in the Team that I need to change (move to other Team, update Project name etc). I cannot - as I can join the Project only as a Project Editor (and not Project Owner).
I can ask the current Project Owner to do that, but there are plenty of projects with different Owners and i have to do it one by one.

Is it possible to:
a. somehow set that Team admin may become the Project Owner automatically? (assuming Project is in the Team where I am an admin)?
b. is there any option that Project Owner can assign me Project Owner Role for multiple projects at once (in bulk)?

[EDIT] I’ll rephrase - becoming a Project Admin (and not Project Owner) would be ok too.

The goal is “not having to check each project 1 by 1 and ask different Project Owners/Admins to assign me the Project Admin/Owner role - as i already am a Team Admin”

Welcome, @kmirek,

What you’re specifically asking for isn’t possible in the Asana UI, though could be programmed using the Asana API.

A workaround: You might be able to fashion an advanced search, and in the results click the Project tab, then sort by Owner, and send the report csv or screenshot to all owners asking them to make the updates in their projects.

Note that you don’t need to be Project Owner. You either need to a project member with Project Admin rights, or the default (first line) of the members list (team and task collaborators) needs to default to Project Admin:



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Thanks for your time and this tip - it helps to realize the scale of the issue - it is better than i thought :wink:

Thanks :wink:

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