Add back 'Project Owner' to drop down when setting Team Members' permissions

When adding TEAM members to an ASANA project there is no longer a designation for Project Owner in drop down selection. Can we have this added back as it allows us to identify who is the assigned PM to match our accounting system? I see Project Admin, Commenter and new Editor, but no Project Owner.


Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi @Kristie_Howze

I was wondering the same thing actually!
I assume since the revised permissions introduced the ‘Project admin’ level, this was ‘conflicting’ with the ‘Project owner’ which seems to have been downgraded to a ‘special’ project role.

:bulb: However, once an ‘Editor’ or ‘Commentor’ is set as the ‘Project Owner’ they are immediately upgraded to a ‘Project Admin’.

So in order to set the ‘Project owner’, you will need to have a ‘Project admin’ permission level in order to see/access/edit any of the below:

  1. Project action menu (dropdown on the right of the Project’s name) and ‘Edit project details’

  2. Overview tab of the project under ‘Project roles’ section. Click on a member to set the project owner.

  3. In Portfolios, via the ‘Owner’ column.

I have moved your post to the Product Feedback section so that you and others can vote on this getting reinstated, although, for the reasons I mentioned above, I doubt Asana would decide to so do.

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Thank you, Richard for your prompt reply to issue.
I have Super Admin role but don’t see that any of these suggestions gives me an option to add ‘Project Owner’.
Maybe it is as you suggest, and it conflicts with the new roles. For now, I will use the Admin role.

Hi @Kristie_Howze , you’re right, you need to have ‘Project admin’ level permission to actually see/access/edit the three options that I described above. As such, I have updated my post slightly to capture this.