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Can an organization admin in asana read private teams content?



Hi Olena and welcome to the forum! Can you better describe what you mean by ‘private teams content’? If the admin belongs to a team they will have access to the content within that team. It also depends on how you have your team permissions set up. You can either have the team Public to the Organization, Hidden, or Membership by Request. Remember, you can also create projects that are private/locked within the team and only certain team members have access as well.

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Hi Olena,
To complete @Katie_Reynolds 's answer, an admin can see the list of all the teams existing in an organization: public, by request and even hidden ones, even if he does not belong to all those teams. The admin see the list of members of all teams in the organization, but that’s all, the admin can’t see the content of a team he doesn’t not belong to.

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