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New to Asana. I was under the impression that I would be able to view the task lists of my team members unless something was made specifically private. However, it seems as the administrator I am able to do this, but my other team members are not. I also can’t assign them as an administrator because they don’t have the same domain e-mail as me.

Basically I need everyone on my team to be able to pull up other team members task lists and see what they have completed or not completed on their lists. As of right now they can only do this for tasks they have specifically assigned to them, but not tasks others have assigned them or they have assigned to themselves.

Default setting of adding public task in My Tasks

Hi @Michelle_Haran,

Welcome to Asana and to the Community! My first thought is that you could be facing a domain issue. It sounds like the members of your Asana team are technically guests in your organization, since they don’t have your same email address. Guest permissions are different than org member permissions. That said, if you’re a member of the same org as another person, you should be able to click on their linked name to view all the publicly visible tasks in their My Tasks list.

If this clears things up, then great! If not, I suggest you reach out to the support team at They’ll be able to look into your specific domain and discuss private information about your account that will help get to the bottom of your question.


In line with @Alexis answer, are you a premium organization or workspace or a free organization or workspace as it makes quite a bit of difference on how guests are handled and members counted.


I just signed up for premium I actually thought that was the reason it was not working the way I wanted it to but that did not seem to help either. I have spent about 2 hours trying to figure it out this evening and now I am spent… Hopefully support will be able help. If not I don’t think I will be able to Teutonic with Asana as that feature was the reason I signed up for it.

We are a small business, only 6 members total and need total transparency with our task lists, but we don’t need or want to have the same domain e-mail address. We could certainly get them, but it would require too much to change to that for us. So hopefully support can help. I sent an e-mail, but it seems to take a while to get back to me. I thought there was better support when you had a premium package. Does anyone know of a phone number you can call to speak with someone from the support team over the phone?

Either way thanks for all the quick responses and help!


Hi Michelle,

We do not offer phone support at this time. However, you can expect the support team to get back to you very soon!

Let us know if you have any other questions.



@Michelle_Haran if you need support over the phone/video/on site, there are many consultants available to help.


Thanks for all the help everyone!


I too am having this problem in that we have 9 team members but I can only see the avatar for 8 of them in the sidebar. The 9th person isn’t visible and I’ve been unable to click on their avatar/circle to see their tasks. It’s not a domain issue for us because we all have the same domain. How do I see specific team members and view their tasks? Help Asana!


Hi. I resolve this:)
It’s easy, but not convenient:

  • you have to find in the top-right corner search field, where is “Go to any project or task…”
  • type in this field team member name/email
  • click on users icon and here it is! :slight_smile:


Hi. Right now I’m using the free version. As an administrator I need to be able to see all tasks that are upcoming and past due. How would I go about doing this, and would I maybe need to upgrade for this?


I don’t see any team member linked names on my home page, in my task list, or in the sidebar - feels like I’m missing something. Where can I click on team members to see their assigned tasks?


You can always use the search engine to find them.