Can't see tasks for one team member

Hi there,

When I search team member names in the top right search bar I can see all of them except for one colleague. Might it be that he has privacy setting that are getting in the way of this?

Please advise.


HI @Lisie_Beeley,

Yes, that sounds like their tasks are all private! You can share this article dedicated tasks permissions with your colleague, it should be helpful to share their tasks with you, or make them public: Task permissions | Product guide • Asana.

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Thank you Marie. I’ve had a look at the document and can’t find out how my colleague can amend his tasks so that I can see them. He has them under ‘My Tasks’ and they are not linked to a project, just his how to do list.

Thanks for the additional info @Lisie_Beeley.

That’s correct, tasks created directly from My Tasks are private by default. In order to make them public, you need to add them to a project. You can easily multi select tasks and add them in batches to your project with the Tab+P shortcut or just by filling the “Project” field with the relevant project; more info in this article: Task actions: create, move, duplicate, and more | Product guide • Asana. just make sure that your colleague adds you to his project, or makes it public, this way you should be able to see his tasks when searching for his name via the search bar.

Let me know if you have any follow-up question Lisie and have a great Wednesday!

This is super helpful. Thank you Marie! I will give it a go this afternoon.

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@Lisie_Beeley, unless I’m mistaken, an even easier way from My Tasks is just to make the task public; doesn’t require homing it to a project. That’s the Make Public link on the right:




Thank you Larry!

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