Requesting access to another member’s My Tasks "+ Add Task" permissions?

I have requested access to all of my direct teams “My Tasks”. There are times when I want to peek in and have a look, but also want to assign individual tasks for them.

All of my team members except for one have a “+ add task” under their name in my tasks. One of my team members does not. I have searched to see if that user can set differenet permissions for me and haven’t found anything useful.


I found this document how to do it:

But it does not talk to restricting or changing share permissions.

I had him remove me, and add me again, but that didn’t correct the problem.

I have also reviewed his settings under the admin console and can’t find anything that would restrict me either.

It has to be something simple that I’m overlooking - can anyone help?


So when YOU look at people’s My Tasks view, you see the blue button, except when you look at this person’s My Tasks? Weird indeed.

@Jason_Bedford, Any chance that user is showing Completed tasks:

When showing Completed tasks that button is hidden.

Hope that helps,



Yes, only one user, there is no + Add Task button.


@lpb - BINGO! I was in completed task mode.

When I change the view to all tasks, my + Add task button appears.

Thank you soo much - I knew I was overlooking something simple.



Oh this is interesting, @Jason_Bedford! Thanks for sharing the solution, @lpb! and for your support too, @Bastien_Siebman!

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