Admin ability to view hidden projects


I am writing an API for use in a company in which one user, the IT admin, would provide their PAT. Using that PAT, I would like to be able to access all teams and projects within the organization, even if they are hidden. I have tried using the admin console, but I can only view hidden teams, not hidden projects.

As per my API requirements, I cannot add this admin user to all projects in an organization. Additional, there shouldn’t be any actions that individual users in a company need to take for the admin user to be able to see the hidden projects or teams.

My question: Does Asana have a feature to give an admin user access to all teams and projects in their organization? If so, can I use a PAT for that one user, or will I need to use OAuth2.0?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Ani_Aggarwal and welcome to the forum!

The only way to accomplish what you want without adding the PAT’s user to every project is to use a Service Account - only available at the Enterprise subscription level:


Great, thanks for the quick reply!