Public Team Goals more visible to Admins?

Can you help with my question about Goals in Asana? I can’t find this documented anywhere.

An Org Member added a Team-level Goal as Public. I’m also an Org Member but not a member of that Team; I can’t see that Goal and can’t see the Team show up in the list behind the Show/hide teams button. I guess that makes sense. But another Org Member who is an Admin can see that Goal, even though that Admin is also not a Team member.

Is that how it’s supposed to work? 1) That if a Team Goal is Public, then it’s still not supposed to be visible to you if you’re not a member of that Team?, but 2) If you’re an Admin, then you do get to see it even if not a member of the Team?



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I’m pretty sure this is working as intended.

:point_up_2: This follows Asana’s general philosophy about access and visibility (assuming the team is Private to members).

:point_up_2: My hunch is that’s working as expected too, but I’m double-checking with our team internally and will follow up here as soon as I have an update!

Actually Team Goals is visible to everybody. You can try searching for the goal name and you will see it.

In my case, I would like to have private goals to team. Currently there is only 2 level: public to company and private to collaborators.

Thanks, @Marie!

And one additional point I forgot to mention: We also tried making the goal Private to collaborators hoping it would work in an analogous way to Task Collaborators which gives access to the task even if the person is not a team or project member–kind of allowing a “tunnel” into the task. Goals Collaborators didn’t seem to work that way; it didn’t provide me access.

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@Van.Ly, My experience was not the same as yours. Hmmm; not sure why.



If you are not a member of the team, you cannot see the team to select in the filter, so you cannot see the team goals in normal way. But you can still search the goal via goal name, if the goal access is public.

Same for the private goal, if you are a collaborator but not a team member, you will have to search for the goal.

Another way to access the goal is if the goal linked from a company goal, then you can drill down to that goal from the company goal.

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Thanks, @Van.Ly, that makes sense. I read too quickly the first time; thanks for that.