Sharing goals with whole teams. not only individuals

As the OKR champion in our organization, I enter up to 5 OKR sets (= up to 125 goals) per quarter into Asana. It would greatly ease my workload if I could chose that all goals for one team should be automatically shared with the whole team. Unless I missed this function, I believe at the moment it is only possible to share goals with individuals, which means I have to share each and every goal I enter with up to 7 people.

There’s not even a possibility to copy&paste the names of the individuals, so I actually have to type the same names into every single goal …

I’d be so happy if sharing goals would be made possible for teams in addition to individuals!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Sophia_Perialis!

Not sure if you created the goals in the “My Goals” section or not.

Whenever you create a goal you can select whether you want to keep it private or public to your company.

Also for existing goals you can just change the privacy settings to make them accessible to everybody in your team

More info here Goals Privacy and Sharing • Asana Product Guide

Is that what you are looking for?

I believe you are right, it is either public to everyone or private, and if private you can’t add a team, only people one by one…

Thank you @Andrea_Mayer for your input!

For our setting (and I think the general idea behind OKRs), it is imperative that all team members must be able to edit the goals of their team (so not only be able to view or comment on them).

What I wan to achieve is:

  • That everyone in the organization can view and comment on all company and all team goals (which I can already do by making the goals public).
  • That everyone who is part of a team can edit the team goals. To achieve this, at the moment I create the goal and in the “members” section, I enter the name of each and every team member with the setting “can edit”. Some of the teams have 7 members, so I have to enter 7 names (or the beginning of the name and choose them from the drop down list). Multiply * 125 for the maximum number of goals in the organization - it’s a lot of work each quarter!

The possibility to share with whole teams (e.g. every member of the team “Marketing”) with the option to give the right “can edit”, that would make it a lot easier.

Or the possibility to copy all names from the members list of the last goal I entered and copy them to following goals I enter.

Maybe someone knows of a workaround for this hassle?

Thank you!

Hey @Sophia_Perialis,

okay I see now the problem is with the comment only feature as it seems even when goals are made public the default setting is anybody being added is added with comment only.

What I tested is the following:

  • Create a new team goal from my account and set it public
  • Logged in with another account from a member of the team and located the goal
  • Joined the goal by clicking top right
  • Checked the settings and noticed I was comment only and not able to change it

So here is what I did next:

  • Created a new team goal again from my account and set it public
  • Opened the goal settings and changed it to “Everybody in your company can edit”
  • Logged into Asana with another account from a member of the team and located the goal
  • Joined the goal by clicking on the button in the top right corner
  • Checked and I was also able to edit the goal now, not only comment

Now the downside of this of course is that let’s say if any specific goal updates or notes are added to a goal and members are not added to the goal they probably won’t get the notifications and updates, however not sure if you need this in your case or only the ability to ensure that everybody in the team can edit goals, because that should work with this option. And changing the goal settings is faster vs having to add so many team members individually.

@Andrea_Mayer you are my hero! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Perfection would be if there was a general setting if I want the default to be edit or comment.
Or that if I create a goal with e certain setting and create sub-goals to that goal, that the setting (edit or comment) of the goal above is copied to the sub-goals.

But your tip will already save me a LOT of work! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Perfect :slight_smile:

And yes I agree a specific setting would be super helpful. Now this feedback request thread is still open so do not forget to leave your own vote there as well at the very top

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Hey @Sophia_Perialis,

good news this feature was implemented, you can now share goals with teams directly :smiley:
For more info see 🥅 Align around business outcomes with team sharing for goals


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