How do I set Asana to automatically trigger due date creation upon completion of other tasks?

Thanks for the reply! I was using Chrome. I just downloaded Firefox and multi-select DOES work! Crud. Any way to make it work in Chrome? Thanks for your advice and help.

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Great news @Justice_Baxter! If your issue is browser-specific, it’s most likely something to do with cache/cookies or an add-on installed on your browser. I would suggest to try out these troubleshooting steps: Keep me posted :slight_smile:

Hi Alexis. Thanks for the instructions on date shifting multiple tasks. Unfortunately, the instructions don’t work for me. I’m currently using Asana on a Windows machine with Chrome. I have several extensions, including the toggl button. First, what are the commands to shift due dates of multiple tasks on a Windows machine? I’ve tried essentially every permutation of ctrl, windows key, tab, function, alt, but no joy. Second, could the browser extensions be the problem? Third…see 1 and 2 :-). Thanks in advance

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Hi @J21 Can you confirm what keyboard you’re using? Have you tried the Windows shortcuts listed here:

Hi there - every time I try to change due dates of multiple tasks, I get a message on the top of the screen that says “Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored.” Does changing multiple due dates somehow clog the connection to the server because I am asking Asana to change a lot of dates at once? I often have to wait for long stretches of time before I am able to proceed with my work.

I’ve already tried all troubleshooting steps, including trying in multiple browsers (I use Chrome and Firefox on a PC). This never used to happen–I’ve only noticed it in the past couple of months. Because mass due date changes are the only way to adapt project templates to new due dates, I often have to spend hours creating new projects when I want to create, say, 7 new projects all from the same template.

Any help would be great. Thanks!


When you have your tasks divided up into sections and you change the view to ‘by due date’ you lose the category that the tasks are in and everything is re-sorted. I only need to change the dates of a specific section, not the whole timeline.

Is there a way to do it without it being in the ‘by due date’ view?

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I am wondering how to make all my tasks shift accordingly based on a setback of an earlier task. For example, I have a task from August 1-August 10 and the next task starts August 15. If the date of my first task gets pushed back 5 days, I want the second task to automatically get pushed back accordingly. Is there a way to enable this??

Thanks for sharing your feedback @ldamtsis; I have merged it with How do I set Asana to automatically trigger due date creation upon completion of other tasks? to gather all feedback on the same thread!

Any update on Kristina Warwick’s request? This is a basic project management feature. Without the ability to automatically adjust timelines based on changes on dependency tasks, Asana is just a task management tool.


This is a useful workaround for the templated dates issue.

I’d like to still request that this be made an “official” feature though.

The reason is that there is an issue with the workaround. It crashes Asana every time I use this method. This makes the process take maybe an hour to complete before I can use Asana again.

Our template projects have 50-80 tasks in them, so I think each time we change the date it makes a request for each task. So to change 80 tasks by two months in date is 4800 website requests and that could be why it’s crashing. Idk if this is accurate but that’s just a guess.

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Almost two years later, this basic due date trigger dependency feature has not been released to paying customers. Might be time to start looking for an alternative to Asana.

I really don’t understand why it takes so much to obtain a basic feature :triumph:

This really is unbelievable that it is not a feature offered to paid members. I pay you so that I do not have to crate workarounds!

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Thanks Alexis.

This worked great, only for one small glitch that it placed some tasks to be completed on a weekend :smiley: . I’m sure that’s a small issue that can be fixed by your awesome team :slight_smile:


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Is it possible to change due dates for multiple subtasks at once, when they are NOT due on the same date? If so, I’m not finding it.

If not, this would be very efficient! Basically, select multiple tasks/subtasks and click a command that changes each due date, relative to its current due date.

For example, if subtask A is due Monday and subtask B is due Wednesday, select both, use a key command like Tab+arrow (or a button like “+1 day”) and move subtask A to Tuesday and subtask B to Thursday.


I have a new solution for all of these requests that you might want to check out:

  • It automatically sets the dates of a dependent task if its earlier dependency task is marked complete.
  • It automatically adjusts the dates of a dependent task if its earlier dependency task is shifted.
  • It lets you set a general duration for a task instead of a specific due date; then it uses the duration to automatically set and maintain the due date.
  • It allows you to set a start date for a project and it then automatically sets all of the dates for all of the project’s tasks appropriately.

You can see more here:

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Alexis, thanks for your work around. How do I do this part? “Task B is due 3 days after completion of Task A

  • Assign due dates to each task, where the due dates are spaced by the number of days required to complete each task. Ex. “Task B is due 3 days after completion of Task A + Task C is due 10 days after completion of Task B + etc.”
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Hi there! These instructions seem like exactly what I’m looking to do with my project. I’m trying to see if I can shift multiple task deadlines, by, say, three days. I am able to multi select the tasks and use the Command/Up Down arrows, but that only moves the order of tasks on the List view. i notice that the date doesn’t change. Am I doing something wrong here? It sounds like it has worked for others, so curious how I can make that happen! Thanks!

So, this is still not a thing you can do with Asana, and that is hugely disappointing. Acknowledging the work around provides part of the function described, it is incomplete and sadly manual. Nearly 2.5 years after the initial post! And to think, Microsoft Project could do this in what, 2003?

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Hi all!
I recently started a topic in the German section of the forum about that required function (Vorlagen: Terminabhängigkeiten definieren) … A bit disappointing to see that its on the agenda since 3 years and still not implemented yet. Hope that Asana will have it soon, because it will be indispensable for our company in the future to set defined timeframes in advance (without the exact due date).