Trigger due dates

Hi everyone, is there a way to add to a task a due date that would be triggered by the previous task due date ?

Ex: I dont know due date of task 1, but I know once this task is completed, task 2 will take 6 days to complete once task 1 is done. So due date of task 1 would be a variable, and once I set that variable all the other task would automatically adjust their due date (according to that variable due date of task 1)

Thank you in advance

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Auto-shifting dates via task dependencies won‘t work? Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

As you said you do not know how long it takes to complete task 1.
But you could still set it up as
task 1 due on 2nd Sept and task due due on 8th Sept. Then if task 1 takes longer and the due date is amended task 2 will always be pushed back as well, exactly the 6 days you set.

Here is also a feedback request thread that might be interesting as well.

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To add to @Andrea_Mayer’s nice response, Asana’s auto-shifting may help but only if both

  • you adjust the dates in Timeline view, and
  • there is a conflict, meaning you change task 1’s due date to be after task 2’s due date

For a more flexible solution, consider @Phil_Seeman’s