Set dependencies with rules

Use Case: Whenever a task is added to x_section, it is added to list of tasks blocking a task in y_section.

When all the tasks in a x_section are cleared, the task from y_section is unblocked. I can’t believe this isn’t a feature and that blocking is only allowed for triggers and not for actions.


Hi @Jeff_Lindahl,

You wouldn’t need a rule for this use case (unless I’m misunderstanding it or there’s some info missing) - when a task is blocked by (i.e. dependent on) other tasks and all of those tasks are marked complete, the dependent task becomes unblocked.

Let me clarify. Whenever a task is added to x_section, Rule automatically assigns that task to block a specific task in y_section. Currently you have to manually set every task to be blocking the other task.

Just implementing this would allow such a huge range of flexibility in automation, we already have the option as a trigger, just not as a rule action.

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Ah, got it. That’s clear now, thanks.

I agree that this would be a great feature. I can set dependencies with templates, but can’t create set a dependency on a subtask in a custom rule process.


100% - setting up dependency on a subtask via rules would be great !


Also agree that being able to set up dependencies using rules would be helpful.

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Also looking to be able to do this

Please add this functionality. It would be helpful.

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This would be a great feature. Please add :slight_smile:

Agree! Need this!

Same. Looking to set up dependencies for the rule ‘adding subtasks’. At the moment I can’t add any blockers to these subtasks within the rule. Instead I would have to manually add blockers each time which isn’t great when we are trying to automate everything. Thanks!

Re. this request, see also this thread:

And also an FYI that our Flowsana integration has an “Add Subtasks” rule action which includes the ability to set dependencies on the subtasks.