How Do I Go from Project (List) View to My Tasks View for a Task?

From a Task in the Project (List) view where I am the Assignee, how do I go to the same Task in My Tasks view (without having to scroll/search for the Task)?

If it is possible, then I can quickly mark/change a task’s priority section (for Today, Upcoming, Later) once I am in the My Tasks view.

I am aware that Tasks already marked are indicated with a small icon at the Assignee field in the Project view, but you can’t change that icon - you can only change the mark/priority section in the My Tasks view. However, there is apparently no direct/easy way to change to the My Tasks view for that particular Task from the Project view.

I don’t know if there’s another way, but I generally solve this problem using a keyboard shortcut:

  • Mark for later - Tab+L
  • Mark for upcoming - Tab+U
  • Mark for today - Tab+Y (todaY, since tab+T is for tags)

To make it easier to know which shortcuts can help me, I usually click in the help button and then the shortcuts list:


Thanks! That’s a useful tip, and I’m guessing it is the only option that’s available for changing the priority section of the Task directly from the Project view.

Scrolling/searching for the Task once I go to the My Tasks view would still be a challenge though.

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