Change Today, Upcoming or Later for other members

Hi, ist it possible to change the Today, Upcoming, Later prioritization for others?
Example: I decided that a task belongs to my section Upcoming, but then Person A decides to moves it to Later for any reason. Is this possible or am I the only one who can change this prioritization?
Many thanks in advance :innocent:

Hi @SylviaW

Yes someone in your team can move task that are public to a project or your team within your My Tasks view.

This is done by click on the Person’s Avatar in the Team or Project this will take you to their My Tasks View. You are then able to move tasks around.

Hope that helps.


Hi @Jason_Woods, thanks for the quick respond!
I mean not only to move tasks between project, but to move them from their sections “Today/Upcoming/Later”. Like can I use the short keys Tab + U to define a task from a collegue as “Upcoming”? Did you mean that also?

Happy to help @SylviaW.

You can’t use the Shortcut keys but you will be able to drag them between those sections.


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