How do I determine which project an existing form belongs to?

I have a form that my organization uses, but nobody knows who created it. We need to edit the form.

How do I determine which project in my organization’s Asana this form belongs to, so I may edit the form?


Welcome, @appfiretj,

The link you have to the form–it will look something like this: but where 9999 (that’s the part starting after the “k=”) is a very long string of characters and numbers.

In Asana, in the Search box, enter just that long string, without the “k=”. You should see a list of tasks–the form submissions with that form. Look at the task detail for one of them, scroll to the bottom, it should look like this:


This task was submitted through Project Name Here

Where “Project Name Here” is–that’s the project, and the task should be a member of the project.

The person doing the search will have to have access to that project, so if you come up empty, find others who have wider access and try.

Another approach is to submit the form, put in some unique string in one of the answers, and search for that.



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