How Asana user can check own form request?


How my Asana user can check his own form request?
Is there any logs or somt?

Thank u!

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Hi @Andrei_Muravlyov

In the form settings, you can check the option to “Add submitters…” (see screenshot).

This way, the submitter will be able to track his request (even if he/she doesn’t have access to the associated project).

Hope that helped :wink:

Thank u!

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How will they find their own request if they are not joined in the project (via security)?

@Andrei_Muravlyov they have to go through the Inbox or the search or place the task in their own project. The task will not be linked to any project, so indeed hard to find.

Option 1:
The project is public to the team form submitters belong to, then they can see the project associated to their task.

Option 2:
You invite all users to the project (I have no idea how many users we are talking about here)

Option 3:
The project is private to them.
As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, the task will remain visible in the Inbox only.

It’s sad, thank you, guys!

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